Hi all,

I've got the following problem at a customers site: the GWIA rejects
some mails to external recipients, it says that the domain is not

The problem seems to be the DNS resolution. When I ping a random
domain, the time till I see a response is very slow. There is no
packet loss and the domainresolution works fine, but it takes a few
seconds until the IP-Adress is displayed. Mabe the time is too long
for the GWIA, so it "thinks" the domain is not reachable.

The config is the following: NW 5 Server, no loaded named, GW6, one
NIC with a private IP which is connected to a Netgear DSL Router. They
use a flat, so the router is connected all the time. I tried to
configure the Server's resolv.cfg in different ways (DNS-Server: the
router, different external DNS-Servers and a different order of
these), but nothing changed.

Any ideas?

cu, Marco