We upgraded our NetWare 5.1 server at the weekend from sp5 to sp6,
reloading we found dhcp would not load. We found we had two problems,firstly the local DIBS were corrupt which has been sorted by Novell
but this
has still not let us load DHCP.

We have tried DHCP on another server but gtet the same result which is

Failure reading NDS while populating internal tables. I tried old
version of
DHCP version 311a, 311d but still the same.

I have deleted the subnet and recreated it to no avail, we are using
what I
think is termed as a supe netted Class A address (I Think?) the range
is the dhcp address range is
this worked before the SP6 upgrade but no more. If I use then dhcp loads ok.

I remember someone else having this problem on this group not so long
and womdered if the problem got resolved

Many Thanks
Bob Coffey