I am running NW6 Sp3 and have installed DNS/DHCP. I have DHCP
I am confussed as to how to setup an internal DNS server. I would
like to
use this to hold all the internal host names of the desktops and
servers so
that I don't have to send host file updates out to all the
Currently my ISP handles all Internet DNS requests and my router
points to
their Name servers and would like to keep it that way. My internal IP
is 10.1.1.xxx on one subnet. I would like to be able to ping/see allinternal objects by their name such as host1, host2, etc. Any
pointers to
documentation/ reference material would be greatly appreciated. I did

follow the article in Inside Netware from Jan 2003 but I don't think
was slanted toward strictly internal because I could not get a valid

Gary Angus