I have a computer that could be booted with 3 different HDs. For
1 HD will boot in Win2k, 1 HD will boot in WinXP and 1 HD will boot in

Linux. Because it is using the same NIC to an IP address from the
5.1 SP6 DHCP server, I notice that the hostname do not get update in
DNS record even DDNS is configured.

My question is when would DHCP updates DNS? Does it update DNS only
it is a new IP given out?

Also, what would be a good solution to resolve the above. Currently
it is
getting a valid IP except NSLOOKUP would fail. I am thinking of
either 1
static IP & all OSs using the same hostname. The other options would
be 3
static IPs and unique hostnames.

Any assistance would be appreciated.