I'm fairly new to working with DNSDHCP. I can do the basics but
about it. I have 5 floors with Novell users on them (75 users max.
We are using unmanaged switches on each floor. Is it possible to have
NIC's in my server with each NIC handing out a different range of IP


1st Floor - 192.168.10.x
2nd Floor - 192.168.20.x
3rd Floor - 192.168.30.x
4th Floor - 192.168.40.x
5th Floor - 192.168.50.x

In other words this would be like a VLAN. We are not in a position to

replace our switches to switches with VLAN capabilities so I'm just
wondering if it's possible to do this. If not, no big deal. If it is

possible, how would I go about setting it up?

Thanks in advance for your help.