I'm running DHCP version 3.12.03 (NW6sp2). My clients are Win2K

I have some workstations that are not getting an IP address even
though from the server's logging screen and from Imanager I can see
that the DHCP server is assigning that workstation an IP. From the
workstation, it boots up, does not get an IP, and when I try IPCONFIG
/RENEW, it says it can't find the DHCP server. But when I look at the
server's logging screen, (have loaded DHCP server with -D3) it appears
that it does see the workstation, and it does give it an IP. Have 2
identical workstations, one gets an IP, one doesn't.

I've played with the IPCONFIG /Release and Renew a bit on these
workstations too. Sometimes, it releases/renews successfully, and
sometimes it says "DHCP server unreachable" (all the while the server
is showing that it is communicating with these DHCP requests). If the
workstation already has an IP address and I try to renew, if it comes
back with the message "DHCP server unreachable, I am still able to
ping the DHCP server, so I know it's reachable.

Any ideas what would cause this.

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