Non of our work-stations can log into the network using IP. IPX is
When running DNSDHCP.EXE the DNS and DHCP servers are crossed out.

Whenever a w/s logs on then the server dials out to the Internet,
presumably to find a DHCP server to get an IP address. The
is running.

Trying to run WINIPCFG and release then renew results in the message
that a DHCP server could be found [sic].

The problem is that we can no longer NIAS to dial out and access the

The environment is a NSBS 5.1 SP4 with both IP and IPX loaded. The
network has been working well for months (years). I had to recently
change ISP and this seems to have lost or corrupted the DNS/DHCP

Can anyone help please?



Richard Beilby.