Hi everyone,

I am having a problem with the following :

I have a netware 6 box (SP2) which runs both file/print and groupwise
named. This box has two NICs, one with a public IP the other with a
private 10 block address. A second netware 6 (SP2) box is connected in

the 10 block only (file backup, nal apps). I also am running a Cisco
firewall with VPN capability. (VPN client ver 4.02a) I am trying to
the VPN portion up and working but have had limited success so far.

With the VPN client, I can now ping both servers on their 10.1.2
addresses. I can also login to groupwise via the 10 block address.
However, When I try to login with the netware client it tells me it
find the tree. I am assuming at this point it is not getting the SLP
broadcasts for the servers?

Any thoughts or ideas?