I found this posting from 1998 and I hae the same issue but this post
never replied to. Is there a fix or is everyone just not conserned

Original Post

i set up a DHCP server with dynamic DNS. The DNS records are created
succesfully if i get an IP address from the DHCP server. If i change
computer name and restart my workstation a new DNS record is created
on the verbose DNS console screen i can see that the RR record for the

old computer name is deleted, but in DNSDHCP manager and in NWADMIN ican still see the old computer name. The same happens if my DHCP lease

time is over. I don't want that these old names remain in the NDS.
1200 computers we will have a big load of unused NDS objects. What can
do ???

If i want to connect with an old netware/IP client to a netware 5
server, what do i have to enter in the DSS server field on the client???

Jochen Koch (Coach66666@aol.com)