NSBS 6 with SP3.

Trying to move our 50 workstations from static to dynamic addresses.
static assigned IP addresses are all over the map (not me :) ).
Single IP
subnet Static addresses are from - these addresses not being consecutive and the
..201 is
the highest static address.

What I want is for the DHCP server to assign addresses from - gives me 50 addresses.

What I did using iManager was create a DHCP server, Subnet, Subnet
Subnet Address Range, and excluded static addresses of the router andserver. Ping is enabled.

Subnet pool : -
Subnet Address Range: -

Problem is not all DHCP assigned addresses are in the subnet address
of .202 - .252. What am I doing wrong here?

Also had a problem assigning the DNS addresses. We do not have our own
server. Should the global DHCP Configuration for the DNS server be set
option 00005 Name Server or 00006 Domain Name Server?

Thanks in advance,
Robert Villafranca