I have been trolling this group and Novell's knowlegebase for a couple

of days regarding this issue and I have completed all recommendationswithout result. The issue is that no clients can resolve
www.ameritrade.com or www.msnbc.com

I am running NW5.1 SP6, TCP stack 5.83jrev2, and both named 5.10i and5.12 on separate servers.

The issue is that the DNS server does not appear to be receiving a DNS

response from the respective nameservers. Through a couple of
packetscan traces, the DNS requests are going out and receiving
responses from the root servers on down until the ns1.ameritrade.com.

I also do not recieve a response from our primary forwarding
ISP(Cogent)provider nameserver but I do from sprintlink.net

I have removed the rootserverinfo zone and readded it. I also updated

on record for the i. server. Verified that the forwarder was set in
the management console. Our firewall is not blocking/dropping the
responses. I have also called the peer at another company and he hasno issue resolving these sites ( on SP4 and corresponding version of

I can reach the website and the name servers by IP and even use
nslookup from the server to the respective nameserver. That should
rule out routing/firewall issues.

To the question. Could the versions of namserver/bind at ameritrade
and named.nlm be incompatible where the ameritrade nameserver is
dropping the request?