DHCP server running on Netware 6 SP2 connected to a 3Com 4400 switch.If I plug the workstation into the switch it gets an IP from the
server. If I plug the workstation into an SMC 5924 hub (the hub is
plugged into the switch), it says no response from the DHCP server,
continues to boot, but doesn't have an IP.

I've seen comments about Spanning Tree Protocol.....but not having
messed around with my switches and hubs before, I'm not sure if that
is the issue here. The 3Com says it has STP and it also has Rapid
Spanning Tree Protocol - RSTP is enabled by default.

My network has run fine with static IPs using the SMC hubs (I have a
couple of them)....but since I'm getting ready to change over to DHCPI need to figure out where the problem is.

Thanks for any suggestions.