Here's what we've got: a smallish lan with 25-30 active client
workstations on a single, all running Win98 SE or WinXP. They are
getting their IP adresses through a DHCP server which is running on aNetware box. (That same box is also the company's mail server, running

Groupwise, but that's probably not relevant to the problem.)

The problem is that the clients are repeatedly and continuously
getting their telnet sessions (which are going into one of several
local Linux boxes, same subnet) disconnected without warning. There'sno warning or common factor around the disconnects - they seemingly
can happen at any time of day (although usually happen at around
lunchtime). Importantly, though, they only seem to happen to DHCP
users. The few Windows clients that for one reason or another have
static IP addresses (in the same subnet, but out of the DHCP range)
*never* have a disconnect problem. Ever.

I should say right off I'm not a network admin; I'm the Linux database

guy. I can barely spell Novell. I have no idea which version of
Netware is being run here or how to tell (although I suspect it's
*old*...) But the consultants in charge of the network are throwing up

their hands, saying it's likely a Linux problem (even though it's
happening to telnet connections to multiple servers with different
hardware and Linux kernel releases, and even though they can't explain

why the static IP users don't seem to have a problem...) They have put

a network "sniffer" on the network and say they saw nothing happen
when the disconnects occurred.

The only other piece of information that might be useful is that the
problem *seemed* to get much worse after a recent upgrade, where a
Cisco VOIP unit and a voicemail system was added to the network, along

with some WAN gear to support remote offices. (Nothing else in the
local net changed, though.)

So, I'm wondering - is it reasonable to wonder if the disconnects -
especially because they seem to happen around the same time of day,
and also seem to happen in the order that people started up their
machines in the morning (ie the first person in in the morning is
usually the first person to see a disconnect later in the day) might
be due to something happening when the client's DHCP lease expires? Is

this verifiable in any way? Is this a known/common problem, or
configuration issue that might be resolvable within the Netware DHCP
settings? Is there anything I can do to prove or disprove the theory
(short of making every station have a static address and showing themthe problem disappears)?

As you can tell, I'm swimming over my head here; any help or thoughtsappreciated.

yours, /jdr/