On Installing the Server 5.1 from original CDROM, hi has ask me on
installing the DNS/DHCP module the "host name" and the "domainname"
a "IP Adress of an existing DNS Server". I have give the IP adress of

himself(same as MS DNS). Some tests have bringing out, that this make

problems(not solving hosts, interruptable solving adresses, not
adresses to internet, etc.).
Also I have deinstall the DNS server module on NWConfig. Now while
reinstalling a "new" product "DNS server" the screen from unlisted new

products "display" only the product NW51SP4:/NW5SP4. The INS Button
not give the List of all Novell modules that Novell knows. I need only
add the DNS Module to reinstall. What can I do?

The XServer can I not use while hi knows not the mousedriver on PS2
serial Interface.... :-(

Kind regards S. Kromer