I am trying to create a dns server and a zone. I am using iManager and
server is netware 6.0 (I think sp3). I want to create all hosts in one
(mycompany-intranet.be). Is that a good idea?
In the screen for creating a server, I have to enter a domain. I don't
what I have to enter in there. Should I enter 'mycompany-intranet.be'?
then create a zone with the same name?

I have tried it like that, and it seams to work. My dhcp server (on
the same
machine) gives out addresses, and the clients can ping to the hosts Icreated in the zone. I also created a in-addr arpa zone, and the
ping-a also
works fine, as does the nslookup.

Then I want to enable dynamic dns (ddns) and there I get stuck. I fill
everything as stated in the novell documentation. When a client
requests an
ip address, the following error displays on the dhcp server console:
mycompany-intranet.be doesnt't have a dns server address specified.

I find no info about that error on the novell site, and I have nowhere
entering a address in the zone.

Does anyone know what it means, or what i should do about it? If you
more info about my setup, just let me know, and I'll post it.

Thanks a lot in advance.