Anyone seen any weirdness with the latest N1000 (CSP 6.41A) drivers?

ML370 Runing NetWare 6.0 SP3 (some post SP3 patches applied but not
NC7131 NIC using N1000 6.79.04 from CSP 6.41A
TCP/IP 6.07.08 NULL

DHCP setup to hand out Dynamic and Manual IP's with some Exclusions.

DHCP will continuously scoll on random IPs like it is constantly
handing out releasing over and over again to the same machine.
Communications from these machines to the server is very sluggish andsometimes causes the WS to hang.

I'm half thinking to try the Intel Drivers for this NIC. Anyone
applied the Intel drivers against the Compaq card since it uses the
Intel 82543GC controller.