I have a client running SBS6 Starter Pack using a dial-up connection
to ISP. Client server has DHCP/DNS and BM3.6 installed on same box,
latest public patches have been applied.

Clients have been tested with both DHCP assignments and static
assignments of DNS server addresses.

Problem: When the dial-up connection gets dropped and then re-dials
and successfully connects, all DNS traffic at clients stops working. Both
internal and external names fail to resolve via DNS.

DNS does not show any errors on screen. Server can still resolve name
based queries. Forwarders to ISP are configured. Web browser queries
still successfully resolve through the HTTP proxy, which is no surprise considering the server itself can still reolve names. Filters are all
correct and clients can successfully resolve names until client
connection drops.

Reloading named immediately resolves the problem and clients continue
working as usual until the next dropped connection.

Does anyone have a clue why this is happening? All other
implementations I have done have been using a second NIC connecting to a router and have
had no problems with DNS. Nothing in Novell Support regarding problems
with DNS and dial-up. Lots of similar posts in this forum, but not
specifically using dial-up and have checked configuration against feedback in those

thanks for any help.