I have recently setup a NW6.5 Cluster and have configured DHCP as a
using the paramater --servaddr={ip address} where {ip address} is a
secondary ip address bound at startup of the resource. The DHCP server

correctly hands out DHCP address'es correctly but only DHCP addresses.
I have my workstations setup to boot from PXE (for zenworks imaging)
the PXE
client receives a response from the ZENWORKS server but fails to lease
an ip
address. I have traced the communication from the workstation and it
making the proper DHCPOFFER requests and on the server it is
the request and says it is replying however no traffic is apparent
from the
server back to the client. The funny thing is that if i load the
nlm without the --servaddr= parameter so that it binds to the server's

primary ip address everything works as designed.This to me would mean
SAR (subnet address range) is configured correctly for DHCP & BOOTP.
that eliminates the use of the cluster.

I am running on a HP DL380 with broadcom ethernet interfaces
(q57.lan). I
understand that there have been problems with these drivers before but
I am
running the latest with the checksum=off parameter. I have tried the
drivers as well with no success. I have received and update the
to 3.13. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cannot rollout
without this functionallity.