We have set up a dns server with a single domain
In our old dns (not novell) there is an entry (an A record)
It is in there because our users need to contact knowledge.mloz.be via

browser (it is a dsomain of an organisation to which we have a fixed
connection). It works fine with the old dns.

If I create an A record knowledge.mloz.be.company-intranet.be in our
novell DNS, it doesn't work. If I try to reach the knowledge.mloz.be,
I get
an nxdomain response. This is what shows up on the DNS console:

***** QH_Proc: query received from
QH_ns_req: Query for (knowledge.mloz.be) of type a
req_query_nonauth: Look for knowledge.mloz.be in non-authoritative
req: NXDOMAIN aa = 1 Send a UDP Reply to

But there is an A record for that...

Anyone has any ideas?

Thanks in advance,