Thanks in advance for the help!! Reading through these posts it
that there a 285,453 ways to skin the DNS cat but I am looking for the

best solution for the following environment.

External DNS is handled in house (Unix DNS server) - COMPANY.COM
Internal DNS for COMPANY.COM is handled in house (Unix DNS Server)

I want to Create an Internal Active Directory Domain - AD.COMPANY.COMand want to use Netware 6.5 DHCP/DNS to handle resolution, DDNS and
COMPANY.COM or EXTERNAL requests will be forwarded to our main Unix
Server (See Above)

Regular IP addressing scheme is Class B but test Environment is using (

DHCP is working great with Dynaic DHCP Selected.

1- Do I simply create a Primary Zone called AD.COMPANY.COM with an
authoritative DNS server as DNSSERVER.RootServerInfo?

2 - If so do I then create a reverse Zone entering (which
translates below to ( as primary with
DNSSERVER.RootServerInfo as authoratative?

3 - Will DHCP Dynamically Update client gett addresses automatically

4 - Will Microsoft AD Servers and Client register SRV Services
dynamically in my DNS DB (Bind 8.1.2 or greater)?

If YES...then this is how I have configured but my results are quite
If NO...then please help find out where I'm going wrong.

Thanks Again...Obviously my specialities do not currenty include