I have been struggling with this issue for several months and tried
of different things.

I have two identical servers on two separate parts of my network.
are configured exactly. One works perfectly and the other gives this

error when DHCPSRVR is loaded. I can even duplicate the problem on a

stand-alone server configured to only do DHCP. With NetWare 6 and
it works perfectly. Once NW6SP3 is installed it gives this error.

The one server that works reports has SP3 installed. It reports it
version and in "Installed Products", but when I use onsite admin pro
compare the two servers, it looks as if some of the nlm's on the
that works are older.

I have configured 4 different servers on the same side of the network
try to handle DHCP services and every server reports the same problem.
recently added a NetWare 6.5 server and it has the same issue.

Right now I have a standalone 6 SP2 server handling DHCP until I can resolve this.

Any suggestions?