We're preparing to move our DNS/DHCP service from QIP running on NT to

Netware's implementation. In planning this it occurs to me that it
would be
far easier to do a phased switchover rather than switch the whole
over to the Netware service all at once. We run NW6 SP3 servers with
workstations running NWclient 4.83.SP2.

Currently our workstations are not configured to point to the IP
address of
a specific dns/dhcp server, but just broadcast out a request which the
servers respond to. What I need to know is, is there a way to enable
DNS/DHCP so it's live on the network but doesn't respond to broadcastrequests, only to specific requests from workstations configured to
point to
the relevant Netware server for DNS/DHCP services? This would be
like the "don't respond to get nearest server requests" set command.

I'm hoping this can be done, then we can prepare the live Netware
and swing users over to it in groups while still havng the old system
fall back to. I believe we can make the changes to in protocol
settings to
point to the new Netware service using Zen/Nal.


Steve Law