Howdy all!
Just updated to NWSP3 within the last few weeks. Unline others per
this newsgroup the only issue (knock on wood....:->) I have found with

Named 5.10.09 Feb 12, 2003 is that on our internal primary zone master

DNS server is that every few seconds get "SOA record not found for" (Our domain). Internal and External DNS lookups seem
ok and also no issues with Groupwise mail that we are aware of. We
have two external Linux Bind 9 servers as external primaries that theinternal NW 6 primary points to in resolve.cfg. Tried setting the S/N SOA info one higher and restarting Named on our
three NW6 DNS servers with no change. On the other two NW6 internal
DNS serves no DNS errors appear, just the primary zone master. I see
on Novell site the SP4 Beta named 04 Sept 2003 is listed. Since we
have not other appearent issues should I consider this cosmetic or dowe need to be concerned and put beta Named patch in????
John Humphrey