I posted this question in another Novell forum and later discovered
forum which is probably more appropriate for the problem.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Here is the issue: When using

Symantec Ghost, clients are unable to obtain an ip address from
the NW6sp3 DHCP server. When using an ISC.ORG v3.0pl1 DHCP daemon on a
Solaris server the clients obtain an ip address and can be
successfully "ghosted". The isc daemon has a parameter named
clients". My question is whether or not the same parameter exits for
NW6 DHCP server and if so, how does one "turn it on or off". With the
daemon, the parameter is "on" or "true" by default which allows
without "host declarations" to obtain ip addresses. The clients
the "host declaration" are the DOS clients required to "ghost" the
computers.The NW6 server is also acting as both a DHCP and a DNS
server. I
can provide addtional info if someone feels that they have a possible

answer. Thanks in advance!