I've asked this question before but I made a bunch of assumptions-
things don't seem to be working correctly so I'm reposting.... and
assuming nothing.

My primary DNS server is on NetWare 6.0/sp3. My internal zone is
domain1.com. All is fine with that...

We have a satellite office that is running domain2.com on their own
(probably) Microsoft DNS servers.

I would like my users to be able to surf to the remote servers...
http://server.domain2.com by, of course, using our DNS server.

What steps do I need to perform on my DNS config to get this to work?I've tried several things with mixed results. I can get an nslookup
domain2.com to work- but then nslookups out to the Internet seem to
stop working (weird). Yet, using a web browser, I never can surf to
server.domain2.com- but I can surf the Internet just fine........
again, strange.

Is this a zone transfer or a secondary zone? Or do I just set up

If someone could post the steps, I'd really appreciate it.