Our 5.1 (sp6) server keeps having trouble with DHCP. The server
itself is
set to static, but runs the Novell DHCP server. Server works fine for
while, then stops delivering addresses. To fix the problem, we simply

unload and reload the dhcpsrvr.nlm.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?
We only have about 20 workstations (Win2K and XP Pro) and have 50
set aside in the DHCP pool.
Single Server, Single Subnet.
Cisco 48 port switch.

(I don't think this is related, but we recently had a problem with
workstations being disconnected and their login not clearing from
It took a reboot to clear the login.
I think this was related to some new HP workstations we got with
Broadcomm cards. Once we removed those from the mix the connection
seems to have ceased.)