Hi !!!

I try to setup my dhcp server to push information on the client pc
about my
proxy server to use. I create a wpad.pac file on a web server , tag
option on the internet explorer "automatic detection of the
connection" it
work fine.

But i want the dhcp server push this information in all the internet
explorer of my workstation. (about 2000 workstation)

I read about the option 252 that can do that . I setup on my dhcp
subnet new
option 252 like explain on novell and windows tid with the web server
where my wpad.pac file is. option 252 "string"

Went i tag manualy the internet option "automatic detection of
it work fine. But went i want the dhcp server to push this option on
Noting append.

i tryed the tid 10081836 but nothing

any idea ???

nwserver where the dhcpserver is running = nw6.5 sp1
DHCPSRVR.NLM version 3.13.03 3 decembre 2003
workstation = xp
internet explorer = 6.0 sp1

thanks !!!