Having some strangness with NW6SP3 Named 5.10i Feb 12, 2003 and thinkmay be related to other issues I have seen on this board but not sure.

Have three NW6sp3 servers set up for internal DNS. External is
handeled by a set of Linux boxes. Started to notice that our resolveswe not working and could not get to certain sites on the internet.
Like for example doing NSLOOKUP from my PC www.go.grolier.com would
intermittenly return "No A Records Could be found". Also a strange
doamin lookup message started appearing on our master internal DNS
server (See my previous SP3 NAMED ISSUE post) So went ahead and popedin the Named 5.12d Sep 4 2003 from BNW6SP4. Then started to get a
whole bunch of strangness with same issue as above (Minus master
domain message) and with Named Console reporting a bunch of strange
errors such as "Responce: with responce 2". <?> Anyway,
reverted back to NW6SP1 Named 5.10.03 Dec 5 2001 and at this point all

has been welll with NSLOOKUPS for over 10 hours now. Could this be
pointing to some NDS errors or DNS setup issues?
John Humphrey