I would like to setup DDNS on my NSBS 6.0 server.

I found the following directions for setting up DDNS on a Netware 6

Basic DNS Setup...

1) Create DNS server
2) Create your forward lookup zone, e.g. mydomain.com
3) Create an in-addr.arpa zone, e.g. if your subnet is
mask, enter when creating the zone -- this
will result in a zone called 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa
4) Hilite mydomain.com and create an A record for your DNS server
object -- this should automatically create a PTR record in the
in-addr.arpa zone
5) Create any other static DNS A records you may need (other servers,printers, etc.)

Dynamic DNS Config...

1) On the DHCP side, hilite your Subnet and select your zone for "DNSZone for Dynamic Update"
2) Hilite your Subnet Address Range, then...
a) Make sure Range Type is set to "Dynamic DHCP" or "Dynamic BOOTPand DHCP"
b) Set the DNS Update option to "Always Update"

Unload and reload DHCPSRVR and NAMED.

I have a few questions about this...

First, NSBS 6.0 already created the DNS server during the
installation. Do I
need to make any changes to the DNS server NSBS created?

Second, I cannot find any information/explaination/instructions aboutcreating a forward lookup zone.

Can anyone provide a step-by-step (read keystroke-by-keystroke) guide