I am running 3 Novell SBS 6.0 servers with an internal domain name and
external domain name being managed by our ISP. We have 1 main IP
with our Domain name linked to it from our ISP and 7 secondary IP
addresses we are able to use as well. I have managed to use one of
secondary addresses in static NAT to one of my internal servers and
linked it from my web site to get to my GroupWise WebAccess page. In

order for this to be done I had to input the IP address in the link on
web page. I would like to assign it a real domain name insted and I
not sure if I do this from my DNS or does my ISP provide this name?

For Example:
My web site is www.abccompany.com
I want my secondary IP address to be www.internal.abccompany.com

Just wondering,