I hope no one minds, I posted this in the wrong forum before...so here

goes...When you are setting up netware 6 you get prompted for the DNS
of the
server, the domain, the dns server ip address and it prompts you to
test dns
if you want. What I have always done for the domain is the server
name at
mycompany.com, myserv1.abc.com. There is no relation however to the
domain abc.com.

My company just recently implemented Active Directory, I know I hate
it too,
but the domain is named ABC.NET to differentiate it from the .com
It's completely internal.

What I'm wondering is if running netware DNS, can i name new netware
that I add into my
current tree with the .NET namespace and not have any adverse effects?
all my new servers going forward are myserv2.abc.net, myserv3.abc.net,

Also is that is possible, is there a way to change my current servers,
there is only three of them, to match this?

Any help is much obliged!