We recently went from a Bordermanager solution to a Pix firewall
solution. Since then, I have a dns problem. DHCP is set to dole out
DNS servers to every client. One of them is a Novell DNS server that

know all of our internal DNS but can not resolve outside addresses.
other one is a Solaris proxy server that knows nothing of the internal

DNS but can resolve any internet DNS.

The problem is if you set your browser to auto detect and connect to
internet you are no longer able to ping inside domains. If you do a release and renew they are again pingable. Its like once your pc
goes to the non-novell dns box to get an outside dns entry, it will
use the inside dns server again.

I thought by putting some outside DNS servers in the forwarding list
ONLY using the inside novell server it would solve this. This way the

inside server would be able to essentially do double duty. This is
the case. If I do that I still cannot resolve anything outside. Any