I am trying to get my GroupWise server to be able to use both its
primary relay host and secondary when needed. I understand from postings on
the GroupWise forums that I can't just put both IP addresses in it and
have do it that way.

What I have done is created an A record in DNS for the first server
with an arbitrary name. This is the DNS name I am pointing gw to. I
created 2 mx records, one for each server and gave one a preference of 10 and
the other a preference of 15. I also created an A record for each server.

Does this sound right?

I tried unplugging the LAN cable for my first server to check the
failover and it went for 10 minutes without switching. Are there any timeouts
in NetWare I should be checking?


Paul Nagl, CNA, MCP
Network Specialist
Central Michigan Community Hospital