We're in the process of testing for switching DHCP_DNS services over
QIP to Netware. We have DDNS working, and have also imported some DNSentries from QIP into the Netware DNS.

We were interested in what would happen if there was an existing DNS
for a workstation and we forced the workstation to release and renew
its IP
address - would it update the pre-existing DNS entry?

The answer seems to be - no. It occurs to me that the imported
hostname entries from QIP are appearing in the Netware NS database as*static* entries, and are thus not being overwritten?

Is this likely to be the case? Are there two types of DNS entry,
static and

We are concerned because it is a requirement that workstations here
registered as hostnames using DDNS because there are a few devices
require to connect to workstations via hostnames. If we swing over toNetware DHCP-DNS not all workstations are going to renew immediately,
they will have no hostname entry. But if we import the QIp DNS
database the
workstation hostname entires will be there, but they will be static
won't update when the workstation renews/changes it's IP address via

You see the issue? Am I just misunderstanding how things work and/or
there a way to do this?


Steve Law