I am going to need to move our DHCP server in the near future from a
SP6a server to NW6.0 SP3 server. From what I can see, I need to:

1.Unload DHCPSRVR on the cureent NW5 server.
2.Create a new DHCP server on the NW6 server using Management Console.

3.Assign the subnets and address ranges to the new NW6 Dhcp server.
4.Load DHCPSRVR on the NW6 server.

Am I missing anything? Also, can this be done with IManager instead of
DHCP Management console? We are unable to use the DHCP Management
for whatever reason at this time. It takes approximetly an hour to get
it to
open and then it usually freezes up. But I have access to IManager and
DHCP management there. I assume this should work fine?