Seems like I am getting multiple entries through the use of dynamic
dns.When i look at the resource record list i have multiple entries of

the same pc except the hostname will have a macaddress next to it.For

instance, I have a PC named ghostdrive, when it gets a new ipaddress through dhcp it creates another entry called ghostdrive0050da136a5b, you cannot ping ghostdrive because now it has no ip address.if you
it by doing an nslookup then set q=ptr then ipaddress of ghostdrive,
hostname comes back with ghostdrive0050da136a5b. This is bad because
have printers that we have hooked up through dhcp and some apps that
that printer such as as400 see it as the original hostname not the
appended' one.Any one found a cure for this? I am using sp3,my named
5.10.09 and DHCPSRVR is 3.12.06
I was wondering if there is a set command that may reset or clear this

out although i doubt it.