I work in a small accounting office with 5 PCs (2 Windows XP and 3 Win 98SE)
authenticating to a Netware 5.1 server. The server is setup as a router for
windows networking and as a DHCP server. I have 2 8-port Linksys Workgroup
hubs connected via the uplink port. I just added DSL and the modem is
attached to one of the Windows XP PC. I desperately need tp share the
broadband Internet connection with 2 other PCs in the office. I purchased a
1-port Linksys Etherfast DSL Router. I configured the router it to work with
the DSL router, I disabled the DHCP setting on the 1-port Linksys Etherfast
DSL Router since I have my Netware 5.1 server acting as a DHCP server. I
connected the router to the modem and ran a cable to an available port on
one of the workgroup hubs. I can access the web admin screen of the 1-port
Linksys Etherfast DSL Router browser from any PC on the LAN but I can not
access Internet. How would you recommend I configure my Netware server to
access the Internet from any node on the network. I would sincerely
appreciate any advice you can provide.