First, although I have an overall understanding of dns/dhcp I'm
slightly new to DNS and VERY new to DHCP. In saying that, could
someone please give me hint as to how to achieve the following?

I have approx. 100 users in two locations. I currently have static IP
address for all computers. Some of which have Internet access, while
others do not. I am using NAT an pooling at the router level to
determine which machine gets internet access and which ones do not.
The break out is as follows.

Location A:
172.16.1.x - Internet Users
172.16.2.x - NON-Internet Users

Location B
172.17.1.x - Internet Users
172.16.2.x - NON Internet Users

Can I have 4 pools, 1 internet pool and 1 non-internet pool for each
location and somehow cofigure users to pull from specific pools?

Thanks for the comments and any suggestions are welcome.