I've migrated from Netware 5.1 to Netware 6.0. After this migration took
place, I experienced a problem with numerous clients not being able to get
their dynamic IP addresses. I can see the DHCP Server getting the request
and it replies with an address in our dynamic range. However, when doing
an IPCONFIG at workstation the info. displays ip address and related info.
I've been told our tree is healthy and I've upgraded to DHCPSRVR.nlm 3.13
and loaded the latest TCP BDSOCK and TCPIP nlms.

Eventually, the workstation may get an IP address after unload and
reloading DHCPsrvr. Sometimes I have to do this several times. For the
time being, I had to assign static addresses to those workstations
experiencing problems. This is very frustrating especially for those
visiting our site from another location and need to grab an IP address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..