I don't know if this belongs here but you can correct me if I am to
post it somewhere else.

I have a peculiar issue when logging into my system with my PCs on
local LAN.
When logging in with either winXP or win2000 (client 4,90sp1a)
I cannot resolve to internal DNS names
BUT if I after this release and renew the adress (system is using DHCP
on NW 6.0 sp3) it starts working.

2 servers NW 6.0 sp3
1 wich is my fileserver and the other my firewall BM 3.7 sp2
I don't use named service to resolve internal addresses but have the
DNS names in my HOSTS file on both servers (identical files).

It seems to me that for some reason the DNS name is pointing to my
public address as long as I don't release/renew the IP
(checked it on the prompt with ipconfig/ displaydns)

Has anyone any clue on this?


Dominicus B


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