I am currently having hard time getting DHCP to run on one of my servers. I
keep getting the following error NO LAN BASED IP. The DHCPSRVR has been
working fine for quite sometime but started getting this error after a
reboot of the server. I have tried everything from running local DSREPAIR
to making sure the server has a R/W copy of the Partition. I have also
completely removed the DHCP server and reloaded it ...still nothing seems to
work. Just a little background on my setup.... I have 40+ Netware 5.1/6.0
servers running on my network and approximately 38 of these servers are
running DHCP services. These servers are located on 38 separate segments
across a large county. All the servers are in one Tree and they are all up
and running fine with the exception of this one server. I have followed the
steps outlined in TID 10060433 and still seem to have the same problem.

Here is a copy of my DHCP log file if this helps:

DHCP Server 3.0 Debug Log start time :2-11-2004 9:14:52 am
0 : Logged in as Server
Locator name is [DNS-DHCP.ADES27.ELEM.PCSSD]
LoadServerObj():Read DHCP Server Reference from NCP Server
Error in NWDSRead: -603, iterHandle = -1
After DHCPGetDHCPServer, pServer is NULL
DHCPSRVR is ready for Remote Access support at 2-11-2004 9:14:52 am.
No LAN based IP address assignment is possible.
5 : AgentTerminateSetableParm() called
After all IP and LoggerJob lists have been freed.
After all MACHash entries have been freed.
After all IPHash entries and LeaseExpirationList have been freed.
After all hash tables have been freed. End of Unload

I have also checked the host file and made sure the IP information is
configured for the DHCP server. I have considered running the DNIPINST -R
command but I understand this will remove all DHCP associated objects out of
the entire TREE. The TID 10060274 that describes this procedure but it
sounds very scary to me. I have an export of all my DHCP servers but did
not know exactly what impact running this command would have to all my other
servers across the county. Has anyone use this command successfully and did
it resolve any issues?

Any help will be highly appreciated... thanks in advance for your assistance
in this matter....

Jimmy Hogg