Having a problem with Novell 6.5 DHCP server and using the
--servaddr=a.b.c.d (also Novell Netware 6.0 cluster having the problem)

DHCP server version is 3.13.03
Netware 6.5 version is SP1a

The problem I have is with HP Jetdirect boxes and the old Windows boot
floppy the don't get an IP address from our DHCP server,
if I use a secondary IP address with the --servaddr=a.b.c.d switch. If I
load the DHCPSRV without the switch everything works OK
on the main IP address of the server but as a cluster resource I want to
use the secondary IP address and the system fails.

so if I use a server with ipaddress and a secondary ipaddress

add secondary ipaddress

load dhcpsrvr -d2 --servaddr= <--- doesnt work !
load dhcpsrvr -d2 --servaddr= <--- works ! but is the main
address of the server
load dhcpsrvr -d2 <--- works !

Has anyone else got a solution that works with a secondary address ?


Ron Vink