I have installed a new NW6 sp3 server into an existing tree. Everything
went through fine but I seem to have a problem with name resolving. From
the new server I can ping all other server names in the tree aswell as the
new server.
From all other servers I can ping all other server names except the new
server. When I try to ping the new server I get the error message "Could
not understand ``nwabc01'' as a host name or address. Please make
sure NETDB.NLM is loaded and SYS:\ETC\RESOLV.CFG is configured correctly".

I have been through the IP and DNS configs and can't find anything missing
although I am sure it is something simple that I have overlooked.
The name is definitely in the ZONE and I have removed it and put it back
in but with no luck.

Any ideas how I can get this resolved.

Many thanks

Stuart Cookson