Hi there,

I'm having a strange problem and I'm sure it's because I've configured
something incorrectly. I'm just learing DNS (most of the problem, i'm sure)
and I think I have it configured correctly. Names are being resolved on my
network and the internet is still working so that part is all good. The
problem is that my clients can no longer see my tree. The only way i can
log in is to put the ip address of my server into the tree field on the
client. I'm using Win98SE with client 4.9. The server is Netware 5.1 SP6.
DHCP is set up and configured for dynamic DNS. It looks to me that the
problem with my clients started as soon as I enable dynamic DNS but I'm not
100% sure. Does anyone know if I'm missing a step or two, or where I might
look to get answers. I used the Novell Netware Advanced Admin guide to
configure both DNS and DHCP. The book made no mention of anything I needed
to do on the client side. These clients have always been logging in over IP
and have never had a problem browsing to find the tree until now.

Any help is always greatly appreciated!