I was told to repost this in the dns-dhcp forum.

I am starting to fill up my Class C address range. I have 90
"reserved" address for statically assigned IP's, which include
printers, servers, few workstations, etc.

My Other workstations are getting close to filling up the rest of the

Is it as easy as re-creating the DHCP Subnet to be a network?

I'm starting to add cluster services to my network and that will add a
lot of static IP's.

Post's from other forum
>Are you looking at changing the server IPs? If so what version >of

NetWare do you have?


>To be picky ;-) 10.x.x.x is really a class A network and it
>sounds like you are going to subnet into 254 subnets.

I'm changing it to 10.1.x.x

>Or are looking at adding a subnet to your existing network
>without changing anything else?

I was just looking at increasing the available IP's that I have.

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>You can of course bind another class C address to the server
>Dave Parkes [NSCS]

Just do this in inetcfg as another binding I guess? More routing I
have to play with, ugh. :)

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