I would like direction on implementing a VERY basic DNS setup on a NW 6.5
(SP1.1a) server. Here's the situation:

One NW6.5 SP1.1a server
25 clients
6 print servers
Firewall appliance with DNS & DHCP services

Since the LAN already has DHCP and DNS services on the firewall appliance,
the only reason I really want DNS on the NetWare server is to be able to
address printers and the server using DNS names, not IP addresses.

Note that I do NOT have the ability to add DNS entries to the firewall
appliance (in a HOSTS file for example).

So all I'd lke to know is if there is a TID or other doc that guides me
through a basic DNS setup. The NW documentation contains a lot of
procedures that look like they're for a much more sophisticated setup.

Thank you.