We are in the process of switching from DNS-DHCP provided by QIP running on
an NT server to NW6 DNS_DHCP.

We cannot do this in one fell swoop, therefore need users to be able to
perform dns lookups on both DNS servers - specifically for workstations that
automatically register in DDNS.

The QIP system should be able to add the Netware server to the list of DNS
Ip-address sources handed out to workstations when they get their IP
address, but for some reason the guys who support QIP can't make this work.

I was wondering, isn't there a way this could be handled from the server
side rather than the workstation? I'm not all thaty familiar with NW
DNS-DHCP but I'm thinking there might be two possibilities:

1) Isn't there a way to tell Netware DNS that if it can't resolve a hostname
to an IP address when requested, that it looks elsewhere, forwards the query
on to another (non-Netware) server? How is that done?

2) Or can the Netware server update/compare it's DNS table with the QIP
server and update itself with those entries that QIP has that it doesn't? Is
that a sort of 'zone transfer'?

A big list giving complete instructions of how to set either of these up
would be wonderful, but just a pointer giving a general idea of what I need
to read up on would be really good too. Are either of these feasible? That
way we wouldn't have to rely on config changes to the workstations.


Steve Law