I am doing a Netware 6 to Netware 6 hardware upgrade on a server. This server hosts the NDPSM and Broker, the DHCPSRVR, and the SLPDA. I have looked at the TIDs(10068361, 10068412,10016871,10085160) however I have run into a BRICK WALL.

1. When moving the DHCPSRVR, the new DHCPSRVR will not hand out IP addresses. I have changed the object in DHCP console. I also deleted the DHCPLOC.TAB file. Still no IP addresses.
2. I believe I have SLPDA moved(set in DHCP).
3. The NDPSM and BROKER will not move to another server. As per TID, when loading NDPSM on new server, the utility begins and asks to move the database to the server. It then goes to a screen asking to select the volume, however, there are no volumes to choose. It will not allow me to enter anything.

I hope I have given a clear picture of my issue.