First I would like to say thank you to all would respond and help out in
these forums. Just want to you to know you are appreciated.

Netware 5.1 sp4. Running NetWare as DHCP and DNS server. I don't do zone
transfers, I just want the local network names to resolve for servers and
printers and such plus decrease the name resolution traffic some.

Here is my dilemma. In the DHCP portion, I have two DNSes defined. First
is the local Netware server running DHCP/DNS. The second is our ISP's NS0.
Win2k workstations seem too impatient or always seem to use the ISP's NS
rather than my local one. This causes name resolution to fail for my local
hosts such as printers. Should I not have the ISP's NS defined there? Or
what would seem to be the issue with the local DNS not responding fast
enough for the Win2k machines?