I'm new to this so bear with me.

We have a non-Netware primary DNS server and would like to setup our 50
NetWare 6.0 SP3 servers as secondary DNS servers. We tried under NetWare
5.0, but it would abend the server when we loaded NAMED.

We've created the name server records on the primary DNS server, which we
think we need. We've setup DHCP (running on each local Novell server, along
with SLP) to pass out the local NetWare server as the DNS server to the
workstations upon logon.

I believe this is all working. I tested this by reloading DHCPSRVR on the
local NetWare server, loading NAMED, rebooting a local PC, and then running
ipconfig /all. It correctly shows the local NetWare server as the DNS
server so I think we're headed in the right direction. I'm also able to
ping using the host name of a remote NetWare server successfully so things
are resolving.

Our goal is to create a local DNS record on each local NetWare server for
ZENWSimport so we can import workstations for inventory purposes. This is
to avoid having to push out a hosts file to each workstation or do registry

How do we add that DNS record and make it apply to only the local Netware
servers? The primary DNS server is successfully doing zone transfers from
what I can see on the local Novell server I'm using for my test. We are
concerned that when the primary zone transfer happens it will overwrite the
local DNS ZENWSimport record. Will this happen? If so, is there a way to
avoid it from happening?

Last question, where do I create the local DNS ZENWSimport record if we can
in fact do this? We will need each Novell server running NAMED to have a
unique ZENWSimport record, having the server's IP address in it. I don't
see this option within the NDS DNS object or within the Management console.

I appreciate anyone helping out a newbie on this. If I didn't give enough
information please let me know.

Thank you -